5.10 SOTD

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hope your week’s been good so far. We’re halfway there, which means there’s only half a week until the Eurovision final!! Yesterday was the first semis and um, Montenegro totally should have made it through. But Portugal finding out that he made it was the best thing. Salvador’s reaction is priceless. I mean, look.


You’re probably tired of me mentioning it every day. I promise it’ll stop next week.

Anyways, to the SOTD. We’re going quite a way’s back for today’s song of the day. I don’t mean back a decade or two, but more like three. Let’s go back to ESC 1988, shall we? Here’s today’s mid-week song!

ne partez

In 1988, a fresh-faced Céline Dion was Switzerland’s entry with “Ne partez pas sans moi.” And ugh, what a beautiful song it is! She rightfully won and this win catapulted her to super stardom. Imagine how different life would be without her music? There would be no “That’s The Way It Is,” “My Heart Will Go On,” etc. Merci à la Suisse for giving this beautiful song a chance and Céline for just being an amazing vocalist.

At that moment, a diva was born. Aaaahh!!!


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