5.12: 10 Happy Things

Happy Friday, everyone! Didn’t watch the second Eurovision semis, but Ireland was robbed. Totally should have made it through. I watched all the losing performances and I actually liked the staging, and Brendan’s voice live is just stunning!

Anyways, I spent a lot of time outside this week trying to write edits for Betrayed and trying to not feel crappy. It’s been quite a week, and I hope everyone’s had a lovely week. You’re probably ready for the weekend and me to stop mentioning Eurovision. It’ll stop next week, rest assured.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I’ll see you on Sunday for the book tag. Here are the 10 things that have made my week.

#1 Little Mix songs on Doctor Who

Shout out to the Little Mix girls for having TWO of their songs played on this week’s episode, “Knock Knock.” That’s absolutely AMAZING!

The episode literally begins with “Weird People” playing in the background as Bill and her friends go house hunting. And then there’s the scene in this gif set, where The Doctor coincidentally plays “Black Magic” (lolz at him looking down at Bill’s phone to see the artist) when this episode is about a spooky house.

The girls’ native UK has obviously embraced them since winning X Factor in 2011, and being featured in one of the biggest shows in the nation is probably one of the hugest honors for them. I just found this to be surprisingly amazing that such an iconic show like Doctor Who would feature their music in an episode. Kudos to Bill for being a Mixer!

#2 Meditating


(Yes, I know that’s a Eurovision related gif…)

I’ve never meditated before Tuesday and I always hear/see Gisele Bündchen talking about it. Whether it’s on her Instagram, Twitter, or on some talk show, she regularly preaches about the benefits of meditation. Girl even meditated during the Super Bowl!

I have been feeling super crappy again, so I thought I’d give it a try. So I hiked up to an overlooking area, sat on the rock, and mediated a little before writing some edits.

It’s quite easy to zone out and feel peaceful when you’re surrounded by nature. It’s amazing how much it can shift your mentality. I felt so much better after that and all of my negativity vanished. I felt serene and ready to write something. I definitely need to squeeze in meditating each day. It’s such a great tool for mental health.

#3 Outdoors Writing

It’s funny how your surroundings can affect your mood. I generally can’t write at home first thing after breakfast because I’m still kinda…bleh. I don’t know how else to describe it. I think it’s because I feel confined in my little box. I’m the type of person who easily becomes anxious; being indoors triggers it more than anything.

But one whiff of fresh air, and I’m awaken. There’s something magical about being outside, especially away from the hubbub of town. For me, it evokes a more positive mindset because I don’t feel trapped and surrounded by things that can easily trigger negative thoughts. Besides, there’s more beauty and inspiration outside than indoors, and I suppose the fresher air helps.

#4 Alexander Rybak’s “1944” violin cover


Jamala’s “1944” won Eurovision last year and violin prodigy and King of Eurovision Alexander Rybak, did a beautiful, soulful violin cover of the song. It’s major eargasm and every note just hits you in the heart. I love how he turned her lyrics into a classical melody and let his violin do the “singing.” So beautiful. You should really check it out, as well as his other classical work on his channel.

#5 Petrichor 


After I edited on Tuesday, I took the hiking trail back home rather than opting for the bus or something. I left just as it started to rain. I knew bringing my umbrella was the smart thing to do! It wasn’t heavy, and rain genuinely doesn’t bother me. I absolutely love it! I think everyone should walk through a forested area during a light rain or after. When it rained, I experienced nature at its peak scent and didn’t bother trying to rush home. I took my time and really smelled it in. A little after I reached the halfway point, it stopped raining and I was surrounded by petrichor. I literally stopped to smell the leaves and the flowers after every few minutes because it smelled so heavenly! I believe it’s the most beautiful scent there is (can scents be beautiful?) and for me to have been walking along the trails during and after a light rainfall was one of the best moments for me this week.

#6 “Rien que nous deux” – Måns Zelmerlõw


I clearly love Måns’ music, and I love Francophone music. I never knew he released a French version of one of my favorite songs from his latest album, Chameleon, “Hanging on to Nothing.” You can imagine how hyped I was to see this song appear in my suggestions.

“Rien que nous deux” is a bi-lingual song, starting in French and hitting English at the chorus. Although it’s not completely in French, I still love it! The original song is a pop masterpiece with a super catchy chorus, but switching up the verses to French has me sold. I’ve listened to this version way too many times since discovering it, and with no shame.

#7 “Love, Love, Peace, Peace” single

photo (6)

I won’t talk too much about this since it’s tomorrow’s song of the day (sorry to ruin the surprise), but they JUST released the studio version of this masterpiece. “Love, Love, Peace, Peace” was last year’s Eurovision Final interval act sung/performed by the hosts, with special appearances from past winners. It’s been a year and they finally graced this on our ears this week. Repeat? Yeah, I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to this anymore.

#8 Anne With an ‘E’

anne with an e

You guys know how much I ADORE Anne of Green Gables. I’ve watched the original mini-series with Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie (RIP) countless times, and absolutely nobody can compare to their Anne and Gilbert. Apparently this Netflix adaptation has a darker spin to it because we’ll be able to see how Anne’s past has affected her via flashbacks. This was just released today and you know I’ll be binging this show!

#9 After Laughter


I absolutely LOVE Paramore’ comeback album After Laughter! There are some really strong themes about depression and stuff like that hidden behind the funky, 80’s vibe of the work. My favorite tracks are “Rose-Colored Boy” and “26” (ironically, I’m turning 26 next year), but I also really love how “Idle Worship” takes a stab at fans placing their favorite celebrities on a pedestal. Just like Busted with Night Driver, Paramore re-invented themselves with this new record, going for a sound that’s way different from what people are used to for them. And just like Busted’s comeback album, Paramore’s is absolutely a bop.

#10 Harry Styles


Alright, so Harry Styles released his debut solo album today as well. I’m almost through listening to it, and what I’ve noticed is the old school rock influence in this record. I think it’s really nice and definitely not what anyone would expect from a boybander. I don’t have much to say about it right now because I’m still giving it a listen, but I like what I hear so far!


One thought on “5.12: 10 Happy Things

  1. I started using the App Headspace to meditate with a little bit ago and loved it!
    My favorite song from After Laughter definitely has to be Fake Happy. It just explains my life in a nutshell. Lol.
    I have got to listen to Harry Styles whole album next. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.
    🙂 ❤

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