5.12 SOTD

It’s finally Friday! I’ll just get to the song of the day because my Happy Thing intro might be long. Look forward to that a little later. Anyways, here’s the second to last Eurovision themed SOTD!


Can you believe Russia’s entry for 2012 was Buranovskiye Babushki, an eight-piece ethno-pop band comprised of elderly woman? Who says white people don’t have culture? They’re proof!

Their song “Party for Everybody” was a massive contender, falling just short of the title in second place and losing to Sweden’s Loreen (“Euphoria” is such a bop though. She deservedly won). The song is sung primarily in Udmurt, with a some sections in English, and it’s such a feel good song that will automatically put a smile on your face.

Their performance will forever go down in history, and it’s not hard to see why. I mean, COOKIES BAKE ON A SPINNING OVEN WHILST THEY SING!!!

They’re adorable and I love this song. Eurovision at its best, honestly. This was also the year I started watching Eurovision, and I’m glad this was part of my introduction. What a great song and performance from these ladies!


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