5.13 SOTD

IT’S EUROVISION DAY!!! The finals are tonight, and I’m super excited to watch the show, get lost in the music, and see who wins. Also, it’ll be interesting to see how Ukraine’s hosts match up to last year’s. Today’s song of the day should be last year’s winning song, “1944” by Jamala, but last year’s interval is more Eurovision than anything I’ve ever seen.

photo (6)

Måns and Petra were EXCELLENT hosts last year. Both having hosting and singing backgrounds, so why not combine the two and show people how Sweden puts it down with the best Eurovision song ever, “Love, Love, Peace, Peace?”

That’s only the intro. The actual song is gold and um, 12 points to Sweden because EVERYONE agreed that this was the best song despite it not being an entry. They really epitomized the essence of Eurovision in this song and performance.


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