5.14 SOTD

Happy Sunday and Mother’s Day, everybody! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic day. Let’s dive into today’s song of the day, shall we?


I know Alexander Rybak is still within the realm of Eurovision as the 2009 winner, but I would have picked this year’s winner if I were still going for that theme. Besides, I’ll talk about it later in the book tag.

So what about “Vocalise?” This beautiful composition is a bonus track on Rybak’s debut album and it’s simply stunning. He’s an amazing violinist and this song definitely shows it off. I’m a sucker for a violin and this song melts my heart. I can hear the emotion through the notes and every time I listen to this song, I find it hard to keep my eyes open because I just get lost in the music. It’s a gorgeous melody and if you’re into classical music, you should definitely give it a listen.


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