Eurovision Book Tag

Happy Sunday and Mother’s Day, everybody! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend so far.

In honor of Eurovision last night, I am ending this insanity with an ESC winner’s book tag. Super congrats to Salvador Sobral of Portugal for winning last night with his gorgeous song “Amar Pelos Dois.” This is Portugal’s first EVER win since the contest started 53 years ago, so it was a massively historic night for them.

I was originally going to do songs from this year, but then I thought about how it’d make more sense to just do the winners from each year. I’m taking us through the past ten years—2007 to last night’s winner—for length’s sake.

Enjoy this book tag! Feel free to give this a try and tag me if you want. I’ll see you on Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday!

xoxo – F

2007: Moltiva (Serbia) – characters who are brought together by destiny



I feel like D’Artagnan and Constance Bonacieux from The Three Musketeers truly were brought together by destiny after his father dies and he tries to get revenge for his death. Then…the two are brought together and after her husband dies, their romance blossoms and they don’t have to hide their liking for each other anymore. Constance is such a strong woman and she’s a great match for D’Artagnan. I love them together!

2008: Believe (Russia) – a book about following dreams


fish feet

In Veronica Bennett’s Fish Feet, 15-year-old Erik Shaw is the only boy in his ballet class and he never cared about people’s comments. However, he wants to audition for the Royal Ballet School, which would mean giving up football, therefore disappointing his father and competing against his friend’s twin sister, a girl he likes. I’ll admit that I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s on my list and sounds like a good read.

2009: Fairytale (Norway)a book based on mythology/folklore


norse myth

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology is his  rendition of the tales of the Norse gods, mainly Thor, Loki, and Odin. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. It’s such a fast and great read full of humor, action, and curses.

2010: Satellite (Germany) – a long distance love story 


falling blossom

Falling Blossom is another book I haven’t read yet, but it tells the true love tale of English officer, Arthur Hart-Synnot, and a Japanese woman named Masa Suzuki. The story is set during World War I and they meet when he’s posted in Japan. It sounds like a beautifully depressing story from the synopsis and I’ll probably cry when I get around to reading it.

2011: Running Scared (Azerbaijan) – a character who goes mad over love/infatuation


hell fire.gif

Y’all know Claude Frollo is an insane character from the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but the movie barely scratches the surface of his obsession with Esmeralda. Victor Huge paints him as a man of the Church who’s more than infatuated with the gypsy. I mean, he orders Quasimodo to kidnap her and he follows her into a secret rendezvous with Captain Phoebus; he MURDERS Phoebus out of jealousy! I also think it’s creepy that he’s significantly older than her—she’s only 16 in the book and he’s…at least twenty years older than her.

2012: Euphoria (Sweden) – a book you’ve loved for a long time



This shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’ve raved about my love for Anne of Green Gables since the beginning of time. I finished the new Netflix series and love Moira’s interpretation of the story. It’s so much darker than the book, but the background details makes the viewers understand why the characters are how they are.

2013: Only Teardrops (Denmark) – a book you have a love/hate relationship with



Like everyone other teenager, I really loved Twilight when it was first released. It’s not terribly written, but with a few adjustments, I think it could be better. I hated it when the movies were out just because I didn’t like the film adaptation. Now I’ve come to realize that it’s not that bad. Trust me when I say there are worse stories out there that I won’t name in case a fandom tries to come for me.

2014: Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) – a character who redeems themselves



Draco Malfoy, you poor, unfortunate soul. In the beginning of the series, he comes off as a snobby, rich brat who think he’s above half-bloods and Muggles because of his pure blood. As the books progress, we learn more and more about his background and how it’s affected his behavior. He didn’t ask for his family to be associated with Voldemort, now did he? But he’s only human. In the end, he realizes the conundrum his family is placed in is toxic and he’s really not a terrible person. I think he has redemptive qualities about him that makes him the “villain” everyone loves.

2015: Heroes (Sweden) – a book about overcoming obstacles



Roland Dahl’s Matilda is one of my favorite books and I absolutely ADORE the film adaptation. The title character has a family who thinks little of her for her special talents and attends a school ruled by a bully, but she perseveres and she isn’t alone.

2016: 1944 (Ukraine) – a historical fiction novel that includes ethnic cleansing



I really want to read this. In To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland, Sean O’Callaghan documents the untold true story of the 50,000+ Irish men, women, and children who were transported to Barbados and Virginia, from their transportation, the conditions in which they lived, and their rebellions in Barbados.

2017: Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal) – a sad love story



As one of the only Nicholas Sparks novels I’ve actually read, A Walk to Remember is a masterpiece. I cried when I read it and I cry each time I watch the movie. Maybe that’s why the lead song from the movie’s soundtrack is Mandy Moore’s “Cry.”



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