5.15 SOTD

Ah, the start of another week. Happy Monday, everyone. I hope your weekend went well. I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday outside. Oops. In my defense, I wrote through two chapters of edits and meditated, so I was feeling pretty good.

Eurovision is over, which means the theme is (finally) finished. Here’s today’s song of the day.

she falls asleep 1

I’m kinda getting into the flow of beautiful compositions right now. Yesterday’s song was an instrumental, and so is today’s. McFly’s “She Falls Asleep Part 1” is the gorgeous prelude to part 2 with an orchestra and lead by a piano. The entire song (both parts combined) is a masterpiece, I think. It’s one of my favorite McFly songs and this part of the song is sure to take your breath away. It’s short, but still really beautiful to listen to and perfectly leads you into the story of a girl who commits suicide. The lyrics in part 2 are touching and Tom—if you’ve seen the viral video of the kid laughing to the dandelion, then you’ve been introduced to him—sings the entire song. C’est très belle, la chanson.


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