#WritingWednesday: Disaster Phone Call

It’s mid-week, which means it’s time for another #WritingWednesday!

Regarding Betrayed edits, I’m on the last ten chapters. That’s exciting and all, but there’s still the whole typing them into the document thing. That’s not as fun as writing things down, but it needs to be done.

Anyways, this week’s excerpt is from that book since that’s been my main focus. Besides, I haven’t written a single word of “Camisado” yet, but I’ll probably get that written once I have all the Betrayed edits written down.

This excerpt is from Chapter 21, which is written in Lindsay’s POV. And surprise, surprise, it’s a re-writing of very end of the chapter. I haven’t reached this point of the story on Wattpad, so this is a little exclusive into what happens in a few chapters’ time.

In this excerpt, Lindsay calls up Lorraine for an update on the 411, and her sister hands the phone over to Jason. Let’s just say it’s not the nicest phone call in the world.

Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you on Friday for the Happy Things post!

xoxo – F

“How have you been, Jase?” I ask. “It’s been a while.”

“I could be better,” he grumbles. “I was arrested for self-defense. How’s that for a start? That asshole totally invaded my bubble. And those girls ganged up on my sister! I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!”

“I saw videos of that,” Fedez comments as he pops into view. “They did you wrong, dude. You didn’t hurt that paparazzi or those girls.”

Jason’s expression switches fro angry to bitter. He glares into the screen and hastily folds his arms. I glance at Fedez and see confusion, brows knit and lips pouted as he blows raspberries.

Oh dear, I think as I look at Jason again. He’s jealous of Fedez. He HATES HIM because he’s your boyfriend. Wait a second…haven’t they met? Sofia toured with Jason and that was her intro to the pop world. They had to have met last year! Th—

“I’m sorry that happened, Jase,” he somberly continues. “You didn’t deserve that or any of the other shit the media are throwing at you.”

“Don’t call me ‘Jase’ like you know me!” Jason seethes. I was talking to Lindsay, not you, Freddie.”

“Dude, please don’t call me Freddie. That nickname holds bad memories a—”


Frightened that Jason might strangle him through the screen, Fedez steps out of view. He squeezes my hand and wish me luck with “the brat” before leaving the room. Jason appears calmer and less likely to smash a plate now that he’s absent.

“He’s not a bad guy,” I vouch. “I mean, he grew up with Sofia. He’s a really nice person, Jason.”

“There’s something off about him. I don’t know what it is, but something’s not right.”

“Funny. We said that about Marquilla, didn’t we, Linds?” Lorraine chimes in.

“Really, Lorraine? Did you have to bring her up? She’s not a monster, you know. Marquilla isn’t that bad.”

“I have to agree with my sister on this one,” I admit. They both stare at me, desperate for my opinion on the topic. “She did play you, Jason. She cheated on you, she used you, sh—”

“She did do those things, but at least she’s not out to destroy me. Everyone else is! I just wanted a break this year, but now I’m forced to deal with this crap! I swear the world wants me dead!” he rants.

Jason abruptly shoves the phone in Lorraine’s hands. I hear footsteps bolt out of the room, then my sister reappears, shaken by the turn of events.

“That did not go how I expected,” she says.

“Yeah. Well, you should keep an eye on him,” I instruct. I can taste the bile rising in my throat as I fearfully add,” he might do something destructive if you don’t.”


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