5.19: 6 Happy Things

It’s finally Friday, and it’s been a uh…not so amazing week. I find it highly ironic that this weekend was great with Eurovision and all, only to have an extremely crappy week. But I shan’t rant about that. I’ll just hop to the post. Here are the six—sadly, not ten—things that made me happy this week.

I’ll see you Sunday for the book tag!

#1 Eurovision/International Music

This year’s Eurovision wasn’t that bad. I knew the hosts couldn’t live up to Måns and Petra, but I thought they did well. I love how this night (afternoon on the other side of the pond) brings people together for music, although you could argue about political factors during the voting. I thoroughly enjoyed the night as a whole—the above are some of my fave performances—and I’m happy that Portugal won for the first time ever.

Some highlights included the interval act and the Aussie mooning the camera during Jamala’s “I Believe in U” performance (such a bop!). Oh, there was also the VT about the hosts learning from Måns. That was a great sketch!

I love Eurovision because it opens my ears to more music than I could ever imagine. As an American, I’d most likely be stuck in this musical bubble because America is super picky about international artists breaking. Frankly, I don’t listen to the radio, so I don’t even know who the new, hot artists are right now. But Eurovision has expanded my horizons. And trust me, there are many European and Aussie artists who deserve to be world renowned. I mean, I’m listening to some of my faves outside of their entry and now I’m bopping to songs in Russian, Italian, Bulgarian, French, enjoying that beautiful Portuguese ballad that won…it’s beautiful to listen to songs in different languages even if I don’t understand what they’re saying.

#2 Alexander Rybak’s ESC 2017 Winner Tribute


The King of Eurovision has graced us with his beautiful rendition of Salvador Sobral’s winning song. It’s a unofficial English translation of the song, and I think he did it justice. There are people who have said his rendition is a “disgrace” to the original lyrics, but he recorded this a while ago so that people who didn’t like the song at first could listen to it with a new perspective; the original is in Portuguese. It’s beautiful and you can check it out here.

#3 Anne with an ‘e’/Anne of Green Gables

I was so excited to watch this, and I wasn’t let down at all. This new adaptation of my beloved Anne of Green Gables gives you so much background on Anne’s orphanage that makes you understand why she’s become this person. I won’t spoil it for those who’ve yet to watch and want to. The casting was perfect. Amybeth McNulty and Lucas Jade Zumann are fantastic as my favorite blooming couple (although nobody can hold a candle to Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie, let’s be honest). iconic scenes such as the raspberry cordial incident and Gilbert pulling on Anne’s pigtail, calling her carrots, and then her smashing her slate on his head, was there. I like the new touches to the story, and I have hope for season 2 whenever that’s released.

#4 #LateLateStyles

This was brilliant. Harry and James’ friendship is amazing and I think that’s what made this week-long event work. As someone who’s genuinely friends with the One Direction boys and avid boyband lover, James hasn’t scrutinized any of them and supports them all. Having Harry on all week was such a joy, and I think it’s opened people up to how he truly is as a person.

#5 “Strip That Down” – Liam Payne

strip that down

The last, but not the least to release solo material! It was a little after midnight when I gave this a listen and my initial reaction was that this song has a FutureSex/LoveSounds  vibe to it that I quite dig. I told my Aussie friend that and she sent me a link about a Facebook that was like “Is Liam Payne the New Justin Timberlake?” But that was more because of the boyband connection than the music. “Strip That Down” will definitely be a smash. It’s catchy, Quavo’s verse really adds something to it, and it’s a song that I’m sure guys WON’T be afraid to jam to.

Just as a side note, I’d like to add that it’s amazing how diverse everyone’s individual sound is. Harry’s is more old school rock, Niall’s got the singer/songwriter thing, Louis released a dance song, and this is quite R&B.

#6 “Nice2KnoU” – All Time Low

All Time low dropped the video to their fourth teaser of Last Young Renegade: “Nice2KnoU.” I can’t believe I just typed the title out like that…I don’t like the way it’s stylized, honestly. Anyways, I love the old school ATL vibes from the song, and the video is like a The Bachelor rose ceremony of the places that essential made them. It’s a very nostaligic video and I love the concept. I think this might be my fave out of the four songs now…y’all should give this one a listen.


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