5.19 SOTD

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope everyone’s had a great week. I’ll just dive into today’s song for everyone’s benefit. And here it is!

happy ending

Alright, this song (these songs?) continues the whole pretty orchestra-type theme. Mika’s “Happy Ending” is such a great ballad that involves a choir and orchestra along with the piano, of course. It’s my favorite song from his debut album and the lyrics are just…ugh! Beautiful!

Then there’s the hidden track, “Over My Shoulder.” After the first song, you hear nothing for a minute or so. Then the song softly begins with the piano for a few bars. I think this is one of Mika’s best songs. It’s just beautifully written and there’s a haunting quality to the song in my opinion. It’s so simple too—just a piano and his voice. If you haven’t heard this song, you should. It is a masterpiece.


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