New Disney Princess Book Tag

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another book tag! After completely making up the past three book tags (wow, that’s insane!), I’m giving myself a break and doing the New Disney Princess Book Tag.

I saw on the lovely JessicaMarie98‘s blog last week and knew I had to do it! You can see her responses on that link. Shout out to her for posting that. Who knows what I would have come up with this week if it weren’t for you!

I love Disney princess. My favorites are Merida, Belle, and Jasmine, although my favorite overall princess film would have to be Rapunzel.

Hope you guys enjoy this. I’ll see you Wednesday for a Writing Wednesday post!


  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoever tagged you.
  • Tag me and Mandy with our posts so we can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world (Mandy’s link and Zuky’s link)
  • Play a game of tag at the end!



A Diamond in the Rough
Just Like Cinderella, You Either Didn’t Expect Much Out of This Character in the Beginning But they Turned Out to Be a Total Gem


I know Jessica already mentioned this in her response, but I have to agree. As one of the evil stepsisters in Geekerella, Calliope should be vicious towards Elle. Deep down, she has a heart of gold and isn’t a carbon copy of her twin sister or mother. I love characters who surprise me, and Calliope definitely did.



Sleeping Beauty
A Book That Makes You Sleepy or Just Could Not Hold Your Attention


I never had much interest in the After series due to its content. I think I tried to read it four or five times before actually giving it a go; I couldn’t even surpass the first ten pages! It took me longer to read than I’d normally spend in a YA novel because not only is the writing terrible (I believe it’s not that good), but the story’s just…no.



Under the Sea
A Book With a Water/Ocean Setting

moby dick

The aim of Moby Dick is to find the stupid whale and kill him, so the voyage comprises majority of the story’s events.



Beauty and the Books
Name a Book With the Best Bookworm/Book Lover


I mean…how can I NOT pick Anne of Green Gables? Anne Shirley is one of the biggest book worms in literature. Let’s face it. She gets all of her notions from books she’s read and without them, she wouldn’t have such a huge “scope for imagination.”



The Thief and the Princess
Name Book with an Unlikely Love Story (Either in Terms of Romance or a Book You Didn’t Expect to Love So Much)


Catherine and Heathcliff’s love story shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, really. However, I never thought I’d like Wuthering Heights as much a I do right now. I mean, I read it senior year of high school for my AP Brit Lit class and I usually don’t become attached books I read in school. For some reason, this was different. Now it’s one of my favorite classics. I still have my copy from high school with the annotations written all over it if that says anything.



The Real Life Princess
Name a Book that is Based on a Real Life Person You Want to Read/Have Read


I didn’t want to pick an obvious Philippa Gregory book, so I’m going for my other favorite YA historical fiction author. Beware, Princess Elizabeth was one of the first historical fiction novels I read in middle school and it documents Elizabeth Tudor’s life as a teenager and young adult during the reign of Edward and a then Mary Tudor. She hardly lived the life of a princess fairytale, I’ll just say.



The Princess that Saved Her Country
Name the Fiercest Heroine You Know


I can’t think of anyone more badass than Isabelle from The Nightingale. She takes an active role in the French resistance, distributing anti-Nazi propaganda, and earns the nickname “Nightingale” whilst helping downed Allied airmen escape to the British embassy in Spain. She fought hard for her country and is a true heroine.




The Princess With The Coolest And Most Diverse Crew
Name a diverse book whether it is a diverse set of characters (like Tiana’s group of Naveen, Louis, Ray, and more) or just diverse in general


If you’ve seen the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, then you know just how diverse this cast is. And if you haven’t but have read the book, then you’d still know the eclectic characters. There are gods from all over the world and Shadow isn’t exactly a white man, either.




Let Your Longggggg Hair Down
Name the Longest Book You’ve Ever Read


At 1,079 pages long, David Foster Wallace’s twistedly superb Infinite Jest is the lengthiest book I’ve ever read, surpassing Gone With the Wind by 42 pages. I’ve read GWTW three times since middle school, but that’s obviously not my answer anymore.



I Determine My Own Fate
A Book Where There is No Love Story/Interest or Isn’t Needed


 There’s certainly no need for romance in a book that parallels spirituality to…Piglet? The Te of Piglet explains the Chinese concept of Te, meaning “power” and “virtue” by explanation of Piglet. It’s a really great read and kinda made me see how similar and virtuous I am to Piglet, small but with a great heart.

frozen gals


Frozen Hearts
A Book in a Winter/Cold Setting


With a title like The Christmasaurus, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s set during the winter—Christmas Eve, to be exact! Not only is the book set on Christmas Eve, but the Christmasaurus is a friendly dinosaur that spreads joy and cheer.



How Far I’ll Go
A Character That Goes on a Journey

on the road

The word “journey” can mean spiritual/emotional or literally going on a journey somewhere. I chose to go for the latter. Kerouac’s On the Road documents the road trips Sal Paradise embarks as he travels across America from 1947-1950.



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