5.23 SOTD

It is Tuesday, everyone! Hope everyone’s weekday started off okay. I wrote a page of the next AFYCSO chapter, and it felt so nice to get back into the swing of that story. It’s not much, but I’m getting somewhere. Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day.

take what you want

ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band and one of the few who has broken into the US. I love the story behind their name. They named their band after the time they’d usually get together to practice—one o’clock—and since there’s the thing with the “r” and “l” pronunciation in Japanese, it’d sound like “one o’crock.” You can see how it went from there.

Anyways, “Take What You Want” is my favorite song from their recent album Ambitions. No, it’s not because 5 Seconds of Summer is on this song and I absolutely love them. Without them, I think this song would be amazing, anyways. But they do add a spark to it that lead singer Taka definitely would not have been able to do on his own.

The first part of the song commences with ONE OK ROCK. What I love the most about Taka’s verse are the two Japanese lines smack dab in the middle. When you first hear it, it’s like “wait, is he singing in Japanese?!?!!” And then it’s straight back into English.

After the chorus, each of the 5SOS boys have their own bit, starting with Luke, Michael, Ashton, then Calum. I think it’s great to hear each of them individually, and then for everyone to come together for the chorus at the end. It’s powerful, anthemic, and a total banger. Definitely give this song a listen if you haven’t already. Such a great rock ballad!


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