Dangerous Woman Tour Manchester Attack

Everyone who attended Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester tonight was probably banking on having the night of their lives. Ariana is an amazing vocalist and from what I’ve seen, her shows are outstandingly staged. She also loves her Ariantors deeply and is truly humbled by them.

What nobody expected was the attack that would happen at the concert’s end. Explosions went off and the entire arena went into panic mode. As a result, a reported 19 are dead, 50+ injured, and many kids can’t/won’t go home.

I don’t understand how ANYONE can be so heartless to commit such an atrocity. Concerts are supposed to be a safe haven from life, a place to just enjoy life and your favorite artist for a good two hours or so. Not anymore. First it was the mass shooting at the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theatre in Paris back in Nov. 2015, and now this.

Ariana has such a young fanbase and to think that there are kids who are missing or can’t go home is just heart wrenching. Okay, Manchester Arena has a capacity of 21,000 and is the second largest indoor arena in the European Union. Terrorists would want to kill a large amount of people. But an Ariana Grande concert where there will mostly be teens/young adults?!?!!

I don’t understand the logic. Innocents, mostly minors, just went from having the best to worst night of their lives in a split second. Imagine if your child was at that concert and they never called back. I feel so much for everyone, and I think Ariana’s doing the right thing by putting the rest of the tour on hold right now.



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