4.25 SOTD

It is Thursday and right now, it is storming cats and dogs. Thunder and lightening, it’s very exciting. Who can sleep during a thunderstorm, anyways? Not me. It takes me forever to fall asleep anyways.

I’m pretty stoked because I finally finished the next AFYCSO chapter, so that should be up on Wattpad soon. That means I can get back to editing Betrayed and complete that. I only have eight chapters left!

Right, here’s today’s song of the day.

ne siz

Okay, for those of you who don’t know who Kristian Kostov is, he represented Bulgaria in Eurovision this year and landed in second place thanks to his amazing song “Beautiful Mess.” The kid’s 17 and insanely talented. There were two other 17 year olds in the competition this year, but he’s the first person born in the 2000’s to compete in Eurovision.

I was searching for music from this year’s contestants and found this gem. “Не си за мен” is my jam right now. I don’t care if he’s singing in Bulgarian and I don’t know a single thing he’s saying, I ADORE this song! I’ve listened to this so much since I put it on my iTunes, it’s ridiculous.

This is just such a great pop song. It’s catchy, the beat will make you dance your butt off, and you’ll probably put it on repeat after that first listen. That’s what happened to me. Again, I don’t know Bulgarian, but I know the chorus by heart now. There’s an English version of the song called “You Got Me Girl” (that’s not the direct translation of the original title, by the way), but I refuse to listen to it just because…it has basically the same everything except the lyrics, so why bother?

Anyways, if you’re looking for good pop music and tired of the stuff on the radio, you should give this a listen. I swear you’ll be dancing around from the infectious beat. And if you find out that you like the song, you’re welcome! I’m partially here to introduce you to new music.


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