5.26: 5 Happy Things

Ah, Friday. It rained this week and it’s been chilly, but we finally made it. Today’s sunny, nice, and I have the last four chapters of Betrayed left to write edits for—the last three are super short too!

Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and uses it to relax and just enjoy life. Because of the rain, there’s petrichor. I’m pretty excited to go outside and breathe that in. I’ll see you Sunday for a book tag. Have an amazing weekend! Here are the five things that made me happy this week.

xoxo – F

#1 Finishing “Camisado”

It’s been a few weeks since I last updated A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on Wattpad and Wednesday night, I finally finished the next chapter. It doesn’t seem like much of an achievement, but it was for me. I think I started writing the chapter a week ago, but didn’t have the inspiration to finish writing because I had other things on my mind, like Betrayed. But I did it. I wrote that chapter and it feels good to tick it off of the chapter list. If you’re interested, you can read it here.

#2 BTS winning a Billboard Music Award


BTS made history on Sunday night by winning a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist. They’re smashing the hell out of the charts worldwide as basically the biggest Korean boyband, and they’re the first of their kind to win a BBMA. It’s pretty insane. But their win means something. They broke boundaries, proving that international artists besides mainly Brits CAN break out in the States. I think it’s amazing that they won, and I hope it opens doors for Americans to look past what’s on the radio right now and listen to music from other countries.

#3 “Looking My Way” – Philip Cecil & Alexander Rybak


Since Alexander hinted about this song on his social media, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this song to drop. He never ceases to amaze me with how diverse his talents are. He can do classical, jazz, modern pop, folk…it’s crazy how he can pull it all off with his violin too. Today, he released the music video for “Looking My Way” with Philip Cecil basically an hour ago. I love the concept of the video—that’s how I drink too—and it’s a great contemporary track.

#4 Jamie Foxx & Music Genre Challenge

Jamie Foxx is probably one of the best entertainers out there right now and last night on The Tonight Show, he did the musical genre challenge. I laughed so hard at his Broadway rendition of Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” He smashed it. I would so see that if it became a thing and he were in it just to hear him say “I did. I let the dogs out.” in that voice. That was amazing.

#5 Trump denied by the Pope & Macron

I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with the Pope swatting Trump’s hand away during his visit to the Vatican. However, newbie President Macron also won major points with me when he approached the other leading members of NATO. I’ve really liked him since the election, and the way he swerved towards the light, aka” Chancellor Merkel, and away from the darkness (Trump) was the best thing ever. And then there’s the picture of their handshake. Yeah, Macron definitely knew what he was up against and out-shook Trump.


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