5.26 SOTD

Happy Friday, everyone! The last full week of May is nearly over and it’s a three day weekend thanks to Memorial Day. You’re probably excited for that, aren’t you? I’ll see you a little later for the Happy Things post. Here’s today’s song of the day.

thank you

The title says it all. Jamala’s “Thank You” is an expression of gratitude for everyone who has stuck behind her and brought positivity to her world. It’s a beautiful song, and her voice soars in the chorus. I love it!

Just like the title of this song, I want to say thank you. I definitely am my own worst enemy. I’m easily defeated and I’m positive the few friends I have believe in my capabilities as a writer than I do. Frankly, I think everything I write is crap and my inner voice always says they’re just being nice when they say they like something I write.

The same goes for this blog. It’s not the most well-thought out thing in the world and I don’t exactly give you guys much content. I mean, the most effort I put into this blog is finding pictures and gifs for my book tags and happiness posts. But you follow me for some reason, which must mean I’m doing something right.

And so, I want to say merci. Thank you. Thanks for following me. Thanks for reading anything I’ve posted on here. Writing’s my thing, or so I’d like to believe, and it warms my heart to see that people enjoy reading about my odd music taste, the excerpts from my books that will probably never see the light of day, my book tags, and the smallest things in the world that put a smile on my face each week.Thanks for…believing in me and supporting me on this journey, I guess.


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