5.27 SOTD

Happy Saturday and first day of Ramadan, everyone! Hope everyone’s weekend is kicking off alright. I’m so close to finishing the Betrayed edits. I have the last three chapters left and they’re all super short. Ahhh, nearly there!

Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day.


I’m sure I’ve talked about my love of musicals in the Musical Book Tag (besides doing Spring Awakening and Moulin Rouge! book tags as well). In honor of Brendon Urie’s first night starring in Kinky Boots last night, I chose the opening number: “Price and Son Theme/The Most Beautiful Thing in the World.”

I absolutely love Kinky Boots and Panic! At The Disco, so you can imagine howgh excited I was when I heard Brendon is playing Charlie Price. He’s such a versatile artist and for him to be on Broadway is HUGE! Not many singers from bands would consider hitting that stage, but he was basically born for it.

I love this opening number. Charlie wants to leave the factory with Nicola for a real estate job in London, but his dad thinks he belongs at the factory. It’s one of those “chase your dreams” moments and I love stories like this.

My favorite line from the song is something that Mr. Price says.

Shoes can protect a man’s journey, but his heart can choose the path.

Ugh, so poignantly said, Mr. Price.


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