5.28 SOTD

Last Sunday of the month. Can you believe May is nearly over? It’s also the second full day of Ramadan. Hope my fellow Muslims are having a good Ramadan so far. Here’s today’s song of the day.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is hands down my favorite Disney film from the renaissance and EVER. Yes it’s dark, and visibly so since it’s based on such a dark novel, but that’s what makes this story so appealing. Besides, there are a number of princess and hero movies and not enough period Disney films that deal with the horrors of an autocratic society.

The film has amazing scenery, the plot is different and played out beautifully, and this soundtrack is straight fire. “Out There” is my second favorite track from the film only because “Hell Fire” is such an iconic and epic villain’s song. But I chose this song because it talks about Quasimodo’s struggle about fitting into society, yet dreaming of leaving Notre Dame to see the village. There’s the juxtaposition of staying in the bell tower and being faithful to Frollo, and following his heart to see the village. It’s such a beautiful number, and I love the part where he just slides down the banisters of Notre Dame to overlook Paris. Beautiful.


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