Anastasia Book Tag

It’s a Sunday book tag day, everybody! Hope your weekend’s going well. I’ve finally finished the Betrayed edits, which basically means I’m done with the book. Not. It’s all written down, but I have to type them…ugh.

I’m sure many of you grew up with Anastasia and adore it as much as I do. This animated epic musical was released when I was 5 (in ’97) and it’s definitely one of the best animated musicals I’ve ever seen. It’s also Don Bluth’s best film—I firmly believe all of his other movies are highly underrated.

We’re all familiar with the story, and it’s finally came to Broadway!! I think the Broadway adaptation looks fantastic, and the soundtrack. Woo! Just fantastic. Can’t wait for it to sweep up some Tonys and other accolades.

I got this book tag from the Infinite Book List channel and since she speaks Portuguese, I definitely had to have translation assistance.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday!

xoxo – F


Russia: a book set in Russia or has Russian characters


I thought Crime & Punishment would be too obvious, so I went with a novel I don’t think most people have read. The time span for Edward Rutherfurd’s Russka is 1,800 years of Russian history and tells the story of the Bobrovs, Romanovs, Karpenkos, Suvorins, and Popins. It’s a great work of fiction about the different ethnic groups and draws from actual historical events, mentioning leaders such as the Bolsheviks, Peter the Great, Genghis Khan, etc. The book is lengthy, then again all of his books are, but you definitely won’t get bored once you dive into the story.



Romanovs: a book with a royal family


If you’ve seen the BBC/PBS drama Victoria, then you know this is about how the young Queen Victoria came into power.



Anastasia: a book where the protagonist has memory loss


I love the Redwall series and I think they’re one of the best ever young adult series you’ll ever read. In Mariel of Redwall, the title character loses her memory in a shipwreck. She adopts the name “Storm Gullwhacker” after a successfull encounter with a gull and later regains her memory whilst recovering at Redwall. She learns of Gaboot the Wild, and swears to get revenge since he nearly tried to kill her and has her father captive.


Rasputin: a villain who acts for revenge


How could I not pick Voldemort? He’s like, the king of spiteful revenge. No other dark leader can take down a population, secrectly recover, and return with a bang like he can. And…all for a kid he didn’t kill when he was a baby? Smh, Voldy. Smh.



Dmitri & Anastasia: a couple that you love to hate


I don’t know how many times I can express how much I LOATHE Afters Hessa. I remember reading on the back of the book that someone said Tessa and Hardin are this generation’s Elizabeth and Darcy. I ADORE Pride and Prejudice and I was highly offended by that comparison. How dare that person parallel one of my favorite literary couples to…trash. I’m sorry, but I just don’t like them and can never wrap my head around what makes their relationship such a great example for teens.


Once Upon a December: a book that happens in the month of December

dream a little crimbo

You guys know I absolutely adore Giovanna Fletcher’s work. Dream a Little Christmas Dream is the scrumptious follow-up novella to Dream a Little Dream. I devoured this without a problem and if you want something different to read during the holidays this year, give this ago. Sara’s life is great, but after another night of wild dreams, she wakes to discover that her roomie wants to move, and her boyfriend Brett is acting strangely. Will any of her Christmas wishes come true?


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