5.31 SOTD

Happy hump day, everyone! We’re finally at the end of May and it’s now 5 days into Ramadan. Wow…a week has nearly passed. Where has the time gone? I dunno, but here’s today’s song of the day. See you guys a bit later for this week’s Writing Wednesday post!


I don’t think I’ve posted a rap song yet, so here’s a first. As you can now see, I listen to a wide variety of genres. Lupe Fiasco’s “Jump” is absolutely INSANE and it’s such a massive tune. I remember watching them perform this song on The Late Show, which was my introduction to the song. I was blown away by EVERYTHING, from the staging to the song, itself.

The song is an absolute masterpiece and like, the verses both Lupe Fiasco and Gizzle spit exemplify why rap music is such a popular genre worldwide. I don’t listen to a lot of rap artists, especially the newer ones, but my hat is off to them for this song.

I knew who Gizzle was because she did a song with Delta Goodrem for her latest album called “Enough.” That’s the first song I’ve ever heard her on, and I was pleasantly surprised to read that she’s been ghost writing for other artists in the past and is now stepping out to do her own music. If “Enough” and “Jump” are my intro to Gizzle, I’m not complaining.

Anyways, “Jump” is such a dope song. The beat is fresh, the rhymes are slick and on point, and it’s refreshing. Even if you’re not a rap listener, you should give this one a go. I was impressed, and you might be too.


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