Writing Wednesday: Chapter One Excerpt

Bonjour tout le monde! Welcome to another Wednesday, and the last day of May. I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. I swear it couldn’t drag on slower at the beginning of the month, and now we’re at the final day? Crazy.

It’s also a Writing Wednesday, which means another excerpt from yours truly. I just want to take a moment to thank you guys for the likes and views last week. That Writing Wednesday post became my most viewed post, which is absolutely amazing. I don’t have much of an audience and not only have I reached the 100 followers mark, but it appears that you guys are enjoying my bits of fiction. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for reading these! It means the absolute world to me. Like, you have no clue.

I need to compose myself and just get on with it or else I’ll cry. Aaahh! Okay, here it goes.

Last week, I introduced an idea that was inspired by the Manchester attack. It didn’t have a title because I still didn’t have the entire concept figured out, but wrote a little something and shared it with you. I’ve decided to call it Therapy for Souls for the time being until I can think of something better.

I finally finished writing the Betrayed edits two days ago. Yesterday, I started writing the first chapter of Therapy for Souls. I had a really slow start and ended up throwing three sheets of paper because I just couldn’t get it right. I kept trying to think of a title for the chapter and how to begin the story. Starting is ALWAYS the toughest part for me. It takes me forever to start anything I write.

But I managed to write something down that I really like. And here it is. It’s not much, but I think it’s a great start. I hope you guys enjoy what I’v written, and I’ll see you Friday for the Happy Things post.

xoxo – F

Politics, race, religion, and gender are the main causes of humanity’s constant division. Throughout history, lands were conquered and people were treated brutally treated like cattle because one group always believed themselves superior to their distant brethren. White Christian men had every opportunity and all the power for centuries, treating women as secondary humans and those with more melanin like dirt.

Europeans conquered the world and claimed nearly every newly discovered chunk of land for their nations. With each voyage, new continents and oceans unraveled more opportunities for power, pride, and wealth. Naturally, the Europeans used natives as slaves in Asia and the Caribbean. They shipped Africans through long voyages to wherever cheap labor was needed, inhumanely cramming them in ships where many died along the way.

People who looked and believed in different things, people who spoke different languages or loved differently—their lives were in jeopardy solely because they were different. It was survival of the fittest. Majority ruled and anyone who thought differently would be punished.

Women who thought progressively were even punished for not staying in their lane. What use is a woman outside of the house? They can’t be educated because their brains can’t handle complex matters, and they sure as hell aren’t strong enough to do a man’s work. Women are physically smaller, therefore weaker and more fragile than men. Science and politics should be of no concern to them.

This racism, sexism, and political divide is all left in the past. It’s 2017. It’s a new, fresh millennium where women are equal to men and you can express yourself however you want. You’re allowed to be a Democrat and your bestie, a Republican. You’re allowed to fall in love with someone who is the same gender. You’re allowed to fall in love with someone of a different race or practices a different religion.

We’re past the small-mindedness of our ancestors because the world is a progressive place filled with tolerance and love—a celebration of diversity.

I’m the perfect example of this acceptance. My mother’s Persian, my dad’s Italian, and I spent majority of my life living in the States. My mixed heritage never made me the target of bullies or prevented me from achieving my goals to ultimately live my dream. If anything, it’s helped mold me into the strong, compassionate woman that I am today.

I learned Italian, Persian, ad Arabic from my parents while English dominated my school and social environment. My friends thought I was insanely smart for being fluent in four languages. They were also confused by my religious views since my parents didn’t enforce Christianity or Islam on me; they let me choose.

Growing up, I did have spurts of an identity crisis. Am I Italian? Am I Persian? Am I American? Surely I can’t be all three. The concept of being mixed was such a strange concept that I couldn’t accept being all of those races. Italian views clash with Persian views. It just never added up to me until I found music and my voice.


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