6.1 SOTD

Happy Thursday and first day of June, everybody! It’s crazy to think that we’re officially midway into 2017. Wow. How has this year flown by so quickly? Hm…maybe it’s because there’s been so much crazy this year thanks to uh, certain people.

Anyways, Younger is back tonight and I can’t wait! Also, here’s today’s song of the day.

call me

Guess who is giving K-Pop a chance? Yeah. I’ve been avoiding giving this genre a for a few years now because my little sister is a massive fan of this type of music and I didn’t want to seem like a copycat. How am I supposed to judge something if I’ve never listened to it?

I was gonna chose a BTS song, but decided to go for Exo’s “Call Me Baby” because this song is a legit bop. It has a great beat, the chorus is super catchy, and you’ll be dancing from the first note. I also have to add that the music video to this song is INSANE. The choreography is like, Michael Jackson level and it’s a cinematic piece of art. My invisible hat’s off to them for such an amazing song and video. I totally dig it.

If you’re wary of K-Pop like I was, I suggest giving this song a listen. I guarantee it’ll make you invest time into looking up more songs. I still don’t know much about it since I’ve been avoiding it for so long, but K-Pop music videos are legit. Seriously watch this one. You’ll be blown away. Everything is on point.


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