6.2: Happy Things

Happy Friday, everybody! We have finally made it to the weekend. Congrats!

So, last night was the first NBA finals game and I watched majority of it. I stopped at the last ten minutes because from that moment, you knew the game would go to the Warriors. They played a formidable game, but hopefully the Cavs can come back on Sunday. (I’m from Ohio…of course I have to go for the Cavs!)

Hope everyone has a great first weekend of June. Mid-year. Can you believe we’re here already?!?!! It’s cuckoo bananas. Anyways, here are the 5 things that made me happy this week. I think I’ll just stick to 5 cause it’s easier.

See you Sunday for another book tag!

xoxo – F


#1 Skins&Earth Insta Scavenger Hunt


I swear Lights is the most innovative singer out there right now. Earlier this week, she used Instagram to share a snippet of a new song. Catch is, we had to search for it through this map of Madison Oasis. We’ve all completed scavenger hunts before, but never on this level. It took me about 15 minutes before I finally found where the song was hidden, and it sounds so breezy and summery! I love how she’s been promoting this album/comic and her use of social media astounds me!

#2 Last Young Renegade


All Time Low’s follow up album to their super successful Future Hearts was sure to have high expectations. Each album they release turns into something spectacular—I know not many like Dirty Work but I thoroughly enjoy that one—and they DID NOT disappoint with this one.

Last Young Renegade exceeds all of my expectations and more. They released four songs prior to today’s big release day: “Last Young Renegade,” Nice2KnoU,” “Dirty Laundry,” and “Life of the Party.” Each song teased a new flavor, which I like.  The first two stay true to the ATL sound of the past, as they’re more guitar-based and sound super pop-punk. The last two songs are a little different because they play with synths and don’t have much guitars or drums going on.

After listening to the album in its entirety, I can tell you that it’s absolutely amazing. I love the new sound and the story they’re telling. It’s their most personal album ever, and you can tell from the content of each song. I particularly like “Afterglow” and think it’s a brilliant ending to the album. “Ground Control” is another favorite of mine. Tegan and Sara’s voices go well with Alex’s, and it’s nice to hear them feature another a female artist.

10/10 would recommend. You should totally give it a listen.

#3 “No Vacancy” – One Republic feat. Amir

no v

This version was teased on OneRepublic’s Twitter and Youtube accounts the DAY BEFORE release day on Sunday. I absolutely LOVE this version and prefer it to the original. The fusion of French and English, along with the addition of Amir’s beautiful low harmony, really makes the song more appealing to me. The song already has a dancehall vibe to it, which I dig, and it’s really interesting to hear Ryan sing in French. Amir heavily helped with translation and getting his accent right—in the video, you see Amir clapping the beat as Ryan sings.

It’s such a great collab and honestly, this should be the “No Vacancy.” I also love how OneRepublic chose Amir. I mean, of all the French artists, he doesn’t seem like the typical choice. However, he’s AMAZING and his music is great. I’m glad they decided to collab with him on this version because his voice really compliments Ryan’s. If “Despicato” can be a thing, why can’t this version stand out?

#4 Start of Ramadan

I can’t believe the first week has flown by so fast. I swear it just started and it’s like day one and everyone’s excited about this holy month, but we’re finishing up the first week. Wow.

#5 Humanity coming together in support of the Paris Agreement

As an American, I’m highly disappointed in my…president for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. By doing so, he’s being greedy and not really looking the consequences it’ll have for the future. We only have one breathable planet—Earth. This millennium, we’ve seen how global warming is slowly destroying the environment. The ozone layer is thinning, ecosystems are being severely threatened by this change, and more species are finding themselves on the Endangered Species List.

I’m gonna put my ecology to use and say this. Keystone species exist to balance the relationship of flora and fauna in a given ecosystem. Without them, there would be an upset and an entire species could be completely wiped away from that environment.

There’s a cause and effect for every environmental decision because living on Earth is a huge domino effect. The smallest upset can cause huge repercussions for each separate ecosystem. For example, harmful algal blooms. Although it doesn’t seem like a huge problem to most people, ecologists know that they can poison EVERYTHING living in the same waters and potentially wipe out the entire ecosystem.

What I loved yesterday was seeing everyone rally together and be like “okay, this a HUGE mistake, but we can still fix this.” I’ve read countless tweets by environmental organizations about what we can do to counter Trump’s decision, and basically everyone on my timeline expressed the same sentiments. I just love how everyone’s trying to find an alternative so we can still be somewhat redeemable.

As French President Macron smartly shaded Trump, let’s “make our planet great again.”


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