6.2 SOTD

Welcome to Friday, everybody. We made it! Hope you’ve all have a lovely week. Second day of June, and this month isn’t going too terribly so far. I’ll catch up a bit later in today’s Happy Things post. For now, here’s the song of the day.


Sometimes I go back and listen to songs from my high school. Boy, was my music taste killer (still is). Story of the Year’s “Anthem of Our Dying Day” is one of those songs that I just loved. It starts off with a piano and ballad-like but becomes more aggressive as the chorus kicks in. Then the dirty vocals kick jump in during the breakdown and you’re just like, air guitaring and trying not to hurt your vocal chords by trying to imitate him.

There’s light and shade in this song, the lyrics are both catchy and great, and you can listen to when you want to feel angsty. If you haven’t heard of Story of the Year, this is a great starting song. The vocals are mostly clean, but even the dirty vocals are tastefully placed and not everywhere. It’s a good start for an intro to post-hardcore bands.

I particularly feel like this line speaks to me right now. I might not be on a rooftop, but I do feel like a ghost in the world, and I pour my heart into my writing like my life depends on it.

And here I am
Pouring my heart onto these rooftops
Just a ghost to the world
That’s exactly
Exactly what I need 


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