6.3 SOTD

Happy Saturday, everybody! It’s a beautiful weekend and I’m surprisingly awake for not really getting much sleep last night. We’ll see how that go as the day progresses. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend thusfar. I can’t get enough of the new music that was released yesterday. Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day.


Speaking of new music, today’s song is taken from All Time Low’s album that was JUST released yesterday. I’ve listened to it in full about four or five times yesterday, and “Ground Control” won me from the first verse. It’s the second to last song on the album and in my top two favorites thanks to that instant love.

This song features Tegan and Sara, whose music I’ve loved for way longer than ATL’s (friendly reminder that I got into ATL pretty late, probably a few months before Don’t Panic!: It’s Longer Now‘s release). It’s a feel-good song that’s more on the pop side, but definitely doesn’t lose the All Time Low touch. I think the girls’ voice suit the song perfectly, and they’re great with Alex’s.

If any song from the album, I’d say start with this if you want a taste and aren’t an All Time Low fan. I love it, I’ve listened to it beyond the 5x I head the full album, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it if you give it a chance.


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