6.4 SOTD

Happy Sunday and game two of the NBA playoffs, everyone! It’s definitely a lazy Sunday type of day, I think. I’ve been trying to write the next AFYCSO chapter and type Exposed  edits, but my mind can’t function or concentrate. Tonight is also the Manchester benefit concert Ariana Grande’s holding together, and apparently that will be live streamed. What a beautiful thing! It’ll be fantastic, I bet.

Here’s today’s song of the day. I’ll see you a bit later for today’s book tag!

everything is

You guys have no clue how much I love Kylie Minogue. She’s rightfully named the ‘Duchess of Pop’ because she’s been smashing it since the…80’s, I think? Honestly, she can’t go wrong. Every album she releases is pop gold, and I think it’s criminal the States doesn’t exactly recognize her past “Locomotion” and “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” to the extent that everywhere else in the world, particularly Europe and Australia, does.

I chose “Everything is Beautiful” because it’s one of my favorites. It’s a mid-tempo song, more of a ballad, and it’s a great song. It has a magical quality to it in the melody, like something you’d hear in a movie about fairies. Maybe it’s because she played the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge! that I can’t unhear it. It has a very dreamy-easy listening vibe to it. Yeah, that’s it.

I love Kylie’s music and this song is great. If you don’t listen to her music, give this one a go. Maybe you’ll like it as much as me.


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