6.5 SOTD

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend. It’s absolutely horrid what’s happened on Saturday in London and just earlier in Orlando. The world we live in is unstable, but we must never forget to be kind to one another and to not let this cowardly act of hatred divide us.

Here’s today’s song of the day.


There’s a reason why “Angels” is one of the best Robbie Williams’ songs of all time, and last night’s #OneLoveManchester benefit concert proved it. I’ve always loved this song and I absolutely broke down when he sang this. Even through my laptop, I could feel the emotion from the crowd and him, and it was beautiful to see them singing the lyrics back when he couldn’t hold back his tears. It was just a heartfelt and stunning moment, and it reminded me of how it’s one of the best ballads ever (in my opinion).

Thing is, he’s sung this song COUNTLESS OF TIMES over the years, as it was released 20 years ago. Yet this song will be a timeless classic in the future, guaranteed. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in that crowd as he sung this song last night. I was in tears too. There’s just no denying its beauty, both lyrically and melodically. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous tune.


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