6.7 SOTD

Happy Wednesday, everybody! We are mid-way through out first full week of June. How insane is that? It’s quite mad to me. I don’t understand how this year is flying by so quickly. It seems as though the beginning moved way too slow. Maybe it just wants these next four years to move along as swiftly as possible for…political reasons. I dunno.

I’ll be with you a bit later for today’s Writing Wednesday. But for now, here’s today’s song of the day.


Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karama” (Latin for “Western Karama”) is one of my favorite songs from this year’s Eurovision. Goodness knows I initially had no clue what he was singing about since it’s in Italian, but I loved how bright and colorful the song sounded, and I really dug the music video.

After watching the video of Gabbani’s explanation of the song, I dig it even more. The song digs at Westerners and their superficial lifestyle, how they adopt Eastern cultures such as Buddha and Nirvana, and “westernize” them.

For such a happy sounding song, there’s so much depth behind the lyrics that I truly appreciate. The song references Marx, paralleling the Internet to a society based on conformity and uniformity (social media, the self-obsession to be appreciated/liked based on appearances, etc.). He also notes man’s evolution from the ape, an idea he got after reading Desmond Morris’ The Naked Ape and why there is a man in a gorilla suit, and how society is “stumbling” rather than moving ahead.

When you hear pop songs, you don’t find many with so much depth like this one. I completely agree with the song’s message because we ARE a society that’s addicted to this online world. Westeners DO tend to claim ideas that aren’t theirs, skewing the true symbolism behind those ideas or cultures to suit their needs.

If any song from this year’s Eurovision, you should definitely give this a little lesson. Great song, great message, and Gabbani seems like such a fun, sound dude too. Should have ranked higher than 6th, in my opinion. The juries totally fluffed that up for him.


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