6.12 SOTD

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine ended better than it started in the sense that I actually wrote a few sentences for the next Therapy for Souls chapter. You can read what I’ve written so far here if you’d like.

Last night was the TONY’s and okay, I did not watch it because I was out. A huge congrats to the cast of Dear Evan Hansen for winning Best Musical, though. I first listened to the album a couple weeks ago and the story is absolutely amazing. It’s a well-deserved win. My second choice would have been The Great Comet. That performance…WOAH. I really need to listen to the album now.

I also love what Ben Platt said at the end of his acceptance speech for Best Leading Male.

The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.

Beautiful. Anywho, here’s today’s song of the day.


I’m throwing it back to my childhood and when pop music didn’t sound so…the same. “Lucky” is one of my all time favorite Britney songs because it was (and still is) so different from the way pop songs are typically written. It tells the story of a Hollywood star named Lucky and narrates a day in her life. I don’t think any other pop song has flat out told a story like this one.

I also love the music video for this song. It’s so very late 90’s/early 00’s without being cheesy. The song is super catchy and when you sing along to the lyrics, you kinda feel as though you are reading a story about this Lucky character. What. A. Tune. Such a great Britney classic.


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