6.13 SOTD

Happy Tuesday, everyone. So…the Warriors won the NBA finals, finishing off the series with a 4-1 win. It was just 9 points… However, the Cavs played their best and they did it for Cleveland. I’m proud of them for fighting, and they humbly accepted their defeat.

Enough basketball. Here’s today’s song of the day.


Pavel & Venci Venc’s “Vdigam LEVEL” is my jam right now omg. I found this song after looking up some of Kristian’s other songs and didn’t give this a listen until a few days ago since he’s only a feature. After the first listen, I was hooked.

The artist is a Bulgarian rap duo—naturally, I don’t know what they’re rapping or what Kristian’s singing about—and according to the lovely comments on the music video, it’s a diss track to another Bulgarian rapper. Apparently it’s better that I don’t know what they’re saying because the lyrics are meh, but sound great. Hey, as a non-Bulgarian speaker, I thought it sounded pretty dope. I found this gem in the comments and couldn’t help but laugh.

omg plane

That last one kills me. Too funny. Maybe that’s why Kristian’s hanging around a plane in the video..hmmmm.

Sometime’s it’s just better if you don’t know what someone’s singing/rapping about. Regardless, this song is such a bop. The chorus is super catchy and sounds great, and the raps sound equally amazing. Oh, and that beat…from the beginning, it’ll make you want to dance.


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