6.14 SOTD

The real question is, how is it already Wednesday? I swear it was Monday like, yesterday. This week is passing by faster than I expected. I’ll see you a little later for today’s Writing Wednesday. For now, here’s today’s song of the day.

keep on falling

I absolutely ADORE Manel Navarro’s “Keep on Falling.” What a brilliantly beautiful song to stick it to everyone who criticized him for his Eurovision song and performance. He represented Spain this year with his song “Do It For Your Lover” and came in dead last. I honestly never got the hate. He’s such a chill and positive person, and all he wanted was to bring summer to Kiev. Although nearly everyone shat on him and his song, he handled the negativity with class and brushed it off, remaining positive throughout the process.

Anyways…this song is such a gorgeous ballad and really suits his voice nicely. When I first heard it, I immediately thought of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” because it has that kind of vibe to it (he is heavily influenced by Ed, which is understandable). Manel has that Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz thing going for him like Cody Simpson (lowkey think it’d be cool if they did a song together. They seem like they’d get along). I think “Keep on Falling” is the perfect song to showcase the fragility of his tone. The singer/songwriter thing is definitely his strength. He just shines here.

If anyone wants to judge Manel’s vocal capabilities based on “Do It For Your Lover,” then they’re really being narrow-minded. Close this eyes and give this song a listen. I swear you’ll get lost in the strings, the guitars, his voice…it’s a gorgeous song.


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