6.16 Happy Things

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Happy Things post. I didn’t do one last week because I wasn’t feeling very positive, but enough has happened this week that I’ve managed to compile a list. It’s been a little rough for me mentally, but I’m doing the best I can.

Anyways, hope you all have had a lovely week. Enjoy your weekend, and here are the things that made me happy this week. I admit some of these might be a stretch, but it’s the little things that count sometimes, right? See you on Sunday for a book tag!

xoxo – F

#1 The Voice Kids UK premiere

voice kids

The Voice Kids finally made its coronation in the UK last Saturday, and this first season is bound to be an amazing one. Will.I.Am. is obviously bringing his flavor to the show, Pixie Lott is like the older sister figure, and McFly’s Danny Jones is just hilarious at times. It kicked off with a bang and I was amazed by the talent. This is the second time I’ve watched The Voice Kids (the first being the Australian version back in 2012) and honestly, the kids just might be better than the adults. It’s heartwarming, great fun, and exciting. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s round of auditions!

#2 “Archers” music video

with conf

With Confidence released the music video to one of my favorite songs from debut album Better Weather, “Archers.” They take you behind the scenes on what it’s like to tour with them, and it’s lovely to see that aspect because you don’t really know what it’s like. I love the song and I think the music video is great!

#3 New music

So much new music has been released this week. A few of my favorites are the new Shania Twain, PVRIS, and The Killers songs. They’re all SO GOOD! Then there’s the new Royal Blood album that just dropped today. WOW. What. An. Album. Just like last year, this year I feel like I’ve been blessed with great music.

#4 Writing Outdoors

It’s been humid and sticky this week, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying going outside and getting a bit of writing done. I’ve realized that it takes me so much longer to start writing indoors than when I’m outside because I just feel cooped up, which then makes me feel kinda claustrophobic. But outside, there’s more “scope for imagination,” as Anne Shirley would say. There’s the benefit of Vitamin D from the sun, the cool wind gently (or heavily) blowing your hair back, birds tweeting, people watching… It’s just hard for me to get my creative juices flowing if I’m indoors, especially in a heavily air conditioned building.

#5 Therapy for Souls


I’ve been trying to work on the third chapter this week, and it’s coming along slowly. Of course, I re-read the prologue and first two chapters. Reading those and writing these chapters makes me feel so excited for this story. I’m so in love with my mc and this story is quite unique. I’ll admit the beginning is a little slow, but it’ll pick up. I’m stoked for how this story will pan out. I really love it, and I hope I can bring my thoughts to life on paper and pen.


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