7.2 SOTD

Happy Sunday, everybody! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend thus far. I finally wrote a little for AFYCSO yesterday. It wasn’t much, but something is always better than nothing, especially in writing. I’ll see you a little later for this week’s book tag. For now, here’s today’s song of the day.


The Ballad of Me and My Brain” is basically the title of my life right now. Ironically, it’s also the title of a The 1975 song. It’s more on an instrumental track since there’s only a couple verses in the song, but the first few lines that Matty sings just sticks with you.

And well, I think I’ve gone mad
Isn’t that so sad?
And what a shame you’ve lost a brain that you never had

I feel that way A LOT whenever I feel incredibly crappy. There are days when I simply don’t have the energy to do much, and it’s like my brain has disappeared. It’s more apparent when I’m trying to write and absolutely NOTHING transfers from mind to pen and ink; it’s absolutely horrid.

I suppose I chose this song for those lyrics specifically. Dealing with something you can’t see, something you can’t control is frightening. Then again, they don’t call it a “mental illness” for nothing. I guess the moral of this ballad is that I am, in fact, mad.



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