Fall Out Boy Album Book Tag

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. It’s quite humid, innit? It’s not even noon where I am, and I’m already burning up! It is Sunday, which means it’s a book tag day.

Fall Out Boy is hands down one of my favorite bands ever. I got into them back in 2004, I wanna say, so I was about 12 at the time. Yes, I am actually old enough to say that I was a pre-teen/teen during their prime and their music “spoke to me” or whatever. I love how their music has progressed over the years and they’re never afraid to deviate and push their creative boundaries. No matter what, they always seem to pull it off, too. Some could say they’re “selling out,” but it’s all about evolving—staying in one lane is boring and so is creating the same songs over and over again *cough*Chainsmokers*cough*.

I found this tag right here and thought it looked interesting. I’m adding M A N I A and From Under the Cork Tree, and Take This To Your Grave since those aren’t originally on here; bare with me on those ones, as they might be a little out there. So here’s my shot at the tag. Feel free to give it a go and tag me so I can see your answers if you want. See you Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday!

xoxo – F



What is one of the craziest books you’ve ever read?


If you’ve actually read this book, you’ll understand why I picked it. The first time I picked up Infinite Jest, I was intimidated by its size. I’ve read Gone With the Wind, which is one of the only books I can think of that can match its length, but that was an easy read for me despite it being a classic. However, this book is different and I was thrown off because there’s SO MUCH going on in this book that’s hard to pick up on the first read. Every character is connected, their journeys are a whirlwind to comprehend, and the ending is definitely a “WTF DID I JUST READ?!?!!” moment.



American Beauty/American Psycho

Pick a twisted book with a twisted romance you may (not) love.

city of glass

In the third novel of The City of Glass, we discover that Sebastian is Clary’s brother. The whole Sebastian/Clary thing, although not romantic, is quite disturbing to me because this knowledge leads to a possessive obsession on Sebastian’s part.


save rock

Save Rock and Roll

Pick a book or series with multiple battles and heroes.


D’Artagnan might be the lead in Dumas’ classic novel, but The Three Musketeers is ultimately a historical and adventure novel of D’Artagnan and the Musketeers of the Guard, notably Porthos, Aramis, and Athos. The four encounter multiple battles, fighting for their honor and France. What more can you want, really?



Folie à Deux

As folie á deux means the madness of two, pick your most favorite strong friendship from a book or series.


I know there’s three of them, but how could I NOT pick the Golden Trio?!?!! Easily my most favorite friendship ever. Harry, Ron, and Hermione just have that magical bond you can’t find anywhere else. They’re woke, they have each other’s backs through thick and thin, and they bloody well made the largest impact in the Wizarding World by collecting those horcruxes together and defeating Voldemort.


pax am

Pax AM Days (The King is Dead)

Pick a villain you were the happiest to see dead.


Disney’s interpretation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame only gives you a fraction of Claude Frollo’s insane, heathenish character. In the book, he stabs Phoebus to his death, his obsession with Esmeralda is more sickening than you can imagine, and he LAUGHS when she hangs to her death. Spoiler alert: Quasimodo pushes him off Notre Dame when he sees him laugh at her. Good riddance to that creep!



Infinity on High

Pick a book/series that makes you happy


Another Harry Potter mention, I know. Seems like such a cop-out, but I can’t help it. I wrote a little sentimental post on my Instagram (photo from there) celebrating its 20th anniversary, and this series has impacted me so much as a reader and book lover. So yeah, that’s why this series, although dark, makes me happy.


cork tree

From Under the Cork Tree

Pick a book with strong roots, one that really celebrates the main character’s heritage.


Memoirs of a Geisha is such a touching story about geisha culture in Japan and the struggles these girls endured. It really opens your eyes and makes you think about the sacrifices Sayuri made for her own happiness and family to become such a high-status geisha. Ugh, so beautiful. I remember when the film adaptation came out (I was in middle school…wow) and I cried because it was so touching.



Take This to Your Grave

Pick a book you never get tired of reading—a book you could read forever.


Ashley Poston’s Geekerella is one of my favorite YA books this year. I love how it has such a unique spin to a classic tale, and it’s something you can devour in an afternoon. I adore this book so much! I can definitely see myself reading this multiple times and never growing bored of it.



Believers Never Die (Fall Out Boy’s Greatest Hits)

Pick your  favorite book or series of all time


Surprise, surprise! I picked Anne of Green Gables! You guys know how much I love this series and this first book in particular. No shock here.


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