7.3 SOTD

We all love Mondays, don’t we? At least it’s a long weekend since that one holiday is tomorrow. What’s it called again? Oh, yeah—Fourth of July. Can’t wait for obnoxious fireworks going off tomorrow. That’ll be a whale of a time! Anyways, hope you’re enjoying your day. Here’s today’s song of the day.

photo (1)

Lies” is hands down one of my favorite songs from McFly’s fourth album Radio:ACTIVE. Since that is my favorite McFly album, it’s really hard to choose just one (although my overall favorite song isn’t even on this album).

It’s such a banger of a song, immediately kicking of with the guitars and drums. From the get go, you just want to rock out because the beat instantly hits you. I remember listening to “Lies” for the first time a few years ago and headbanging to the intro. And then there’s the lyrics, themselves. I swear, the dudes of McFly CANNOT pen a bad song. They’re lyrical geniuses.

Since this song was also a single, there was obviously a music video. For an amazing song like this, there had to be an outstanding concept to correspond with it. The music video for “Lies” is probably one of the best alternative/pop-rock videos from its year (2008, I believe?). It’s very dystopian and there’s this fight for survival. It’s not cheesy, and I think it brings a different perspective to the song’s meaning.

I highly suggest giving this song a listen if you haven’t already. It’s a major tune.


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