7.4 SOTD

Happy Tuesday, and happy Independence Day to everyone else in America! Today is the day when everyone’s supposed to feel patriotic and whatnot since it’s America’s birthday. It’s also the day of barbecues and loud ass fireworks because you know, that’s totally acceptable. As long as there’s a reason for shooting colorful explosives in the air, right? Anyways, hope you have a safe 4th. Here’s today’s song of the day.


Since it IS today, I had to pick Fall Out Boy’s “Fourth of July” for today’s song. It’s not patriotic or anything, but is there really another option? Nah. I don’t think so. Patriotic songs are great and all, but this is a jam that you can listen to any day of the year. It’s quite heavy on the rhythm section and Patrick’s vocals, but it slays just as all Fall Out Boy songs do.


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