7.19 SOTD

Long time no see, everyone. I realize I’ve been MIA for the past week or so, which means I’ve been slacking loads on here. I’ve been coping with my issues and finally sought help for it. But I’m back now for your scheduled programming. Let’s kick off with today’s song of the day.


Lena Meyer-Druit, known synonymously as Lena, won Eurovision back in 2010 with “Satellite”. I didn’t start watching until 2012, but I’ve starting digging into her music a few weeks ago, and I think she’s absolutely amazing.

Wild & Free” is one of my favorites, which is why I chose it for today’s song. It’s a powerful anthem about not giving up against all odds and just believing in yourself. It could be like, the German national football team’s anthem because it just has that vibe to it.

Y’all should give this song a listen. It’s empowering, the lyrics are so inspirational and positive, and the drums are everything. I also really love the lyrics for the breakdown.

 We are the lionheart
And we are not afraid
We can be a burning light
And we will never fade


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