First day back, and chose a Wednesday. You guys know what that means. Welcome to another Writing Wednesday, everyone! Hope you’re all doing great. I’m so glad to be back.

Today’s excerpt is from the next Therapy for Souls chapter, and it’s something I just started writing a couple days ago. I just posted a new chapter yesterday and it kicked off the Afterlife section of the story, so Parisa is now dead.

What I’m sharing today is literally the beginning of where the story picks up. Parisa has just died and she is kinda working through her memories and trying to make sense of her thoughts and feelings to the situation. I hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll see you next time! xx

The last memory I recall from my mortal life was the Phantom of the Opera moment. I felt like Christine in that moment because I was doing my job, speaking to the crowd. Suddenly, everything went black and I could feel my heart racing and hear my breath. As soon as I knew it, that happened. Bright lights, an ear-splitting bang!, my body flying off stage…it only happened within a matter of seconds.

Then I died. As I lost consciousness, I thought of everyone I’d leave behind. I thought of my beloved Parisa Pack who have supported me so lovingly over the past few years. Besides my family, they have been my rock. They stuck behind me after Eurovision and made my dream come true. Without them, I’d be literally nothing. Without them, I’d just be another singer from Youtube finding my voice.

After that, it was my parents and Giovanna. They mean the absolute world to me, and I can’t imagine how this is currently impacting them. My parents gambled when they supported my decision to chase a dream that strikes gold with very few dreamers. And Gi became my fairy god sister by making it happen! Giovanna is—was the older sister I never had. It’s all thanks to their support that my dream became a reality.

The last person who flashed before my eyes was Kristian. We were only officially together for a few days, but I was fortunate enough to really know him for months thanks to Eurovision. He’s such a dork majority of the time, but he’s a kindred spirit with the voice of an angel and radiates enough light to brighten an entire town. Okay, bonus points for being tall and attractive too. I can’t argue with that. But there’s more to Kristian Kostov than meets the eye.

I had a feeling something would happen, which is why I gave him my ring. I knew deep down those messages were a forewarning. Things like that just don’t happen to people on a whim! As my way of saying good bye, as my departure from the relationship we were starting to build, I knew I had to bestow something with sentimental value to prove how much I care about him.

Our connection is Eurovision. Without that show, I wouldn’t know who he is and he’d basically be another fan boy. That competition brought us together, and that ring is now a symbol of that union. Green, white, and red don’t have to stand for Italy—it can stand for Bulgaria too.

It hurt to see our last moments one last time because I knew that’d mean leaving him forever as I depart from the mortal world. I’ll never see those stunning nut brown eyes lovingly gaze at me or run my fingers through his product-enhanced jet black locks. I’ll never see his beautiful smile or joke around with him because I’m no longer alive. What’s worse, I’ll never hear him sing or say “I love you” ever again.

When my connection from Earth dropped, I thought all those memories would instantly disappear. If I’m no longer living, why should those memories stay with me? Surely they’ll disappear the moment my soul departs from my corpse. That’s what I thought. My departure from Earth should mean a clean slate, but it’s not.

The moment I woke up in wherever I am, I realized my thoughts and memories didn’t separate from my soul. My brain thinks about heading to Spain next. It counts down the days until I’m in Moscow and back in Kristian’s arms. On the other hand, my body—whatever this is, knows I’ll never make it. This spirit form of me knows it’s impossible to fulfill everything I want to accomplish. I’M FUCKING DEAD! Of course I can’t live my life now.


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