7.23 SOTD

Happy Sunday, everybody! Hope it’s not as gloomy where you are as it is for me. I love rain and I love petrichor, but the darker sky during daylight hours is making me so sleepy, I can barely function. See you later for today’s book tag. Here’s the song of the day.

FullSizeRender (1)

I totally forgot how much I love The Strokes until “Two Kinds of Happiness” came on shuffle yesterday. I never really listened to this particular album, but when this song popped up, I had a feeling it shouldn’t be skipped. I was right.

“Two Kinds of Happiness” has such a great rhythm and the song, itself is very The Strokes-esque. If you’ve ever listened to their first albums, which I’m sure a lot of people have in the 2000’s if they listened to alternative/indie music, then you know that The Strokes has such a distinct vibe and Julian Casablancas’ voice is unlike any other frontman’s.

I really like this song and I’m currently listening to it again as I type this. Hopefully you’ll give it a listen if you’re not familiar with The Stroke’s music.The first two lines of the song are really telling and something we should all keep in mind when we try to find our whoever. It’s definitely a great life motto go live by.

Happiness is two diff’rent things
What you take and then what you bring


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