90’s Movie Book Tag

This is the first book tag I’m doing in what seems like ages! I missed doing these, and I’m so glad to be back and feeling better enough to post again.

I’m feeling very nostalgic today. Who wouldn’t when there’s news of Hey Arnold!  coming back and the That’s So Raven reboot has kicked off? I love that my childhood is slowly, but surely making a reappearance. Now I feel the need to dig out some VHS tapes (those 2000’s kids don’t know what they’re missing out on) and watch some Swan Princess or Little Giants.

I give to you the 90’s Movie Book Tag, which I took from erikabooksandstars. I’ve seen 8/10 of these movies in my life. Growing up mostly in the 00’s, I probably wasn’t old enough to watch majority of them, but I definitely dug into them during my teen years.

Hope you guys enjoy my responses, and see you Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday post!

she's all that

1. She’s All That: Name a book couple that is an odd pairing, yet still fit perfectly together.


Due to their backgrounds, you wouldn’t think Isabelle and Gäetan would be a good fit for each other. Yet they way they’re written in The Nightingale, you realize how absolutely PERFECT together because they balance each other out so well. Isabelle is so used to guys fawning over her, but her beauty is challenged the moment she meets Gäetan, and he really gives her a purpose within the war against the Nazis.


10 things

2. 10 Things I Hate About You: a book/series you have a love/hate relationship with.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Twilight was a series I initially loved prior to the first movie’s release. The series was hot and cold for me with each book. I didn’t particularly like the whole Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle and to me, that was the weakest part of the entire series. But I do love the vampires and werewolves and learning about their background. That was the most interesting part.



3. Clueless: A character that is totally clueless, but you love them anyways.


Winnie-the-Pooh will forever be one of my favorite childhood stories. I grew up loving the gang from the Hundred Acre Woods and I hope to instill this love to my future children. Anyways, I think we can all agree that Piglet isn’t the brightest, bravest, or logical character, but I love him to absolute pieces. He’s so pure, sweet, and lovable!



4. Titanic: A book that made you cry.


I felt Sayuri’s pain and the story just touched me. I don’t think I’ve ever read Memoirs of a Geisha without crying. It’s hard not to when she’s suffered so much, from being separated to her family as a kid to the hard work and effort she put into becoming one of the most sought after geishas in the land.


american pie

5. American Pie: A book that made you laugh.


It’s a comedy for a reason. I don’t see how anyone can read Twelfth Night without having a little giggle.


can't hardly wait

6. Can’t Hardly Wait: A book with a crazy party.


Bill and Fleur’s wedding reception ended with death eaters reigning their parade. I’d say that’s a pretty wild party. Wizards always make things a little more interesting.


cruel intention

7. Cruel Intentions: Name a character you could never fully trust.


I must say, from the moment Shadow met Wednesday, I had my reservations. I kinda figured he was a god, but I thought it was sketchy the way he coincidentally was on the same plane and knew about Laura’s death. As I read further into American Gods, I knew Wednesday was just using Shadow for his own benefit. He just seemed off to me.


drive me crazy

8. Drive Me Crazy: Name your favorite “boy next door” or “girl next door” couple.


I’m fully aware that Gilbert isn’t exactly Anne’s next door neighbor, but he is so boy next door material. He’s tall, dark, handsome, smart, kinda cocky when you first meet him, but undeniably an amazing person. You guys know how much I love Anne and Gilbert.



9. Scream: A book with a memorable villain.

phantom of the opera

I could have gone with Voldemort, but I’ve mentioned the Harry Potter series so much by now that would have been the obvious choice. Instead, I’ve chosen Erik, aka title character of Leroux’s iconic novel. The Phantom of the Opera is such a cult classic because Erik is a unique villain. Everyone is familiar with the story, there are multiple film adaptations of the book AND it has become the longest running show on Broadway. Why? Because Erik is unlike any other villain and the way he manipulates Christine is hauntingly beautiful.


the craft

10. The Craft: A book with witches.


I was so obsessed with Gregory MacGuire books in middle school, how could I not pick Wicked?!?!?!! Elphaba and Glinda for the win, okay. I’ve loved this story since middle school and the musical did it so much justice.


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