6.12 SOTD

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine ended better than it started in the sense that I actually wrote a few sentences for the next Therapy for Souls chapter. You can read what I’ve written so far here if you’d like.

Last night was the TONY’s and okay, I did not watch it because I was out. A huge congrats to the cast of Dear Evan Hansen for winning Best Musical, though. I first listened to the album a couple weeks ago and the story is absolutely amazing. It’s a well-deserved win. My second choice would have been The Great Comet. That performance…WOAH. I really need to listen to the album now.

I also love what Ben Platt said at the end of his acceptance speech for Best Leading Male.

The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.

Beautiful. Anywho, here’s today’s song of the day.


I’m throwing it back to my childhood and when pop music didn’t sound so…the same. “Lucky” is one of my all time favorite Britney songs because it was (and still is) so different from the way pop songs are typically written. It tells the story of a Hollywood star named Lucky and narrates a day in her life. I don’t think any other pop song has flat out told a story like this one.

I also love the music video for this song. It’s so very late 90’s/early 00’s without being cheesy. The song is super catchy and when you sing along to the lyrics, you kinda feel as though you are reading a story about this Lucky character. What. A. Tune. Such a great Britney classic.

McFly Book Tag

I haven’t been on here in the last few days. I know that. I’ve been feeling incredibly low and apathetic, but I couldn’t miss out on a Sunday book tag. So here I am feeling somewhat better, but not 100%. It might take a while for me to reach 70% at least.

Anyways, today’s book tag is the McFly Book Tag. McFly is one of the most successful pop-rock British bands of the past decade, and I’ve been a fan since I saw them in Just My Luck in ’06. Unfortunately, that was the US’ only exposure to the band, but I dug deeper and found that they had released two albums prior to the film—Room on the 3rd Floor and Wonderland.


Their smash hit “Five Colour in Her Hair” and “I’ve Got You” were featured in the film. Those two songs made me want to hear more. Fast forward about eleven years later, and here we are. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been supporting their music for that long, especially since they didn’t break America, but I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me.

Long story short, I’ve enjoyed their music. They’ve consistently pulled out amazing albums and singles, and their Anthology Tour proved that their discography is one for the books. They’re really hands-on with their songwriting and every other aspect of their music, and if you haven’t listened to them before, I think you really should give them a shot. They’re amazing.

Anyways, I found this book tag off of Juh Ciaro’s Youtube channel. You can see her responses right here. Hope you enjoy my responses. Feel free to give this on a shot if you want! See you Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday.

xx – F

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6.11 SOTD

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I don’t want to bore you with deets here because I’ll explain my little absence in today’s book tag. Anyways, happy Sunday! Hope everyone’s had a great weekend. It’s hot, sunny, and frankly not great for my hair. Here’s today’s song of the day.

walk in the sun

I absolutely adore “Walk in the Sun” and it’s one of my all time favorite McFly songs. I thought I’d go for one of theirs today because of the book tag—there’s a little hint for the theme!

I love the simplicity of this one. A beautiful acoustic track and Danny’s voice really shines in this. Then again, his voice is flawless in practically every song. Anyways, this song talks about the unknown and just taking life day by day, with the phrase “I wonder what it’s like…” beginning each new line. So cliché to say, but the relatability of this song is way up there.

I’m sure everyone has wondered about what life has in store for them. Recently, I’ve been thinking about it a lot—more so on the negative side because my mind loves to do that. We tend to ask ourselves “I wonder what it’s like…” plethora of times about basically every subject you can imagine. But majority of the verses end with “all I know…” which implies a positive outlook.

The chorus is particularly relatable, and I feel like that’s me right now. It’s long and seems like it’s never ending, but the road is there and the path continues to be followed.

Such a long, long way to go
Where I’m going I don’t know
I’m just following the road
For a walk in the sun
For a walk in the sun

Writing Wednesday: Traffic Jam

Hello everybody, and welcome to another midweek Writing Wednesday post! Hope everyone is enjoying their first full week of June. It’s been quite nice, this one. Not too humid, which makes for great outdoors writing weather—or not if you’re like me and get distracted by nature.

Today, I’m giving you an exclusive sneak at the next Therapy for Souls chapter. This is the beginning ~850 words and in this scene, Parisa and her cousin Francesco are on their way to PalaLottomatica Arena in Rome to meet her team to see how the creative for the tour looks on stage. Their only problem: being stuck in traffic.

Hope you enjoy this excerpt, and I’ll see you later!

xoxo – Feb

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6.7 SOTD

Happy Wednesday, everybody! We are mid-way through out first full week of June. How insane is that? It’s quite mad to me. I don’t understand how this year is flying by so quickly. It seems as though the beginning moved way too slow. Maybe it just wants these next four years to move along as swiftly as possible for…political reasons. I dunno.

I’ll be with you a bit later for today’s Writing Wednesday. But for now, here’s today’s song of the day.


Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karama” (Latin for “Western Karama”) is one of my favorite songs from this year’s Eurovision. Goodness knows I initially had no clue what he was singing about since it’s in Italian, but I loved how bright and colorful the song sounded, and I really dug the music video.

After watching the video of Gabbani’s explanation of the song, I dig it even more. The song digs at Westerners and their superficial lifestyle, how they adopt Eastern cultures such as Buddha and Nirvana, and “westernize” them.

For such a happy sounding song, there’s so much depth behind the lyrics that I truly appreciate. The song references Marx, paralleling the Internet to a society based on conformity and uniformity (social media, the self-obsession to be appreciated/liked based on appearances, etc.). He also notes man’s evolution from the ape, an idea he got after reading Desmond Morris’ The Naked Ape and why there is a man in a gorilla suit, and how society is “stumbling” rather than moving ahead.

When you hear pop songs, you don’t find many with so much depth like this one. I completely agree with the song’s message because we ARE a society that’s addicted to this online world. Westeners DO tend to claim ideas that aren’t theirs, skewing the true symbolism behind those ideas or cultures to suit their needs.

If any song from this year’s Eurovision, you should definitely give this a little lesson. Great song, great message, and Gabbani seems like such a fun, sound dude too. Should have ranked higher than 6th, in my opinion. The juries totally fluffed that up for him.

6.6 SOTD

Happy Tuesday, everybody! Hope you’re all having a lovely whatever time it is where you are right now. Yesterday was the Big Brother UK launch and let me tell you, it looks like it’ll be an amazing season. I love the diversity of the contestants and this year’s theme. Great stuff!

Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day.


5 Seconds of Summer has been criminally underrated due to who catapulted their career. However, that hasn’t stopped the boys from creating great music. I’m sure anyone who listens to Sounds Good Feels Good without knowing it’s their album would say it doesn’t sound too bad.

Invisible” is one of my favorite tracks, and it’s also one of the saddest songs on the album. I have to admit, I cried when I first listened to it because—here’s the cliché, you guys—I relate. This verse in particular speaks volumes to me.

Wasted days
Dreaming of the times I know I can’t get back
It seems I just lost track
Looking on
As all of life’s colors seem to fade to grey
I just walked away

This song is so melancholy and heartfelt. When Calum sings these lyrics, he sings with a fragility that makes you feel his pain. It’s such a beautiful song and I think you should definitely give it a listen. You’d be surprised at how THIS is a 5SOS song.

6.5 SOTD

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend. It’s absolutely horrid what’s happened on Saturday in London and just earlier in Orlando. The world we live in is unstable, but we must never forget to be kind to one another and to not let this cowardly act of hatred divide us.

Here’s today’s song of the day.


There’s a reason why “Angels” is one of the best Robbie Williams’ songs of all time, and last night’s #OneLoveManchester benefit concert proved it. I’ve always loved this song and I absolutely broke down when he sang this. Even through my laptop, I could feel the emotion from the crowd and him, and it was beautiful to see them singing the lyrics back when he couldn’t hold back his tears. It was just a heartfelt and stunning moment, and it reminded me of how it’s one of the best ballads ever (in my opinion).

Thing is, he’s sung this song COUNTLESS OF TIMES over the years, as it was released 20 years ago. Yet this song will be a timeless classic in the future, guaranteed. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in that crowd as he sung this song last night. I was in tears too. There’s just no denying its beauty, both lyrically and melodically. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous tune.