90’s Movie Book Tag

This is the first book tag I’m doing in what seems like ages! I missed doing these, and I’m so glad to be back and feeling better enough to post again.

I’m feeling very nostalgic today. Who wouldn’t when there’s news of Hey Arnold!  coming back and the That’s So Raven reboot has kicked off? I love that my childhood is slowly, but surely making a reappearance. Now I feel the need to dig out some VHS tapes (those 2000’s kids don’t know what they’re missing out on) and watch some Swan Princess or Little Giants.

I give to you the 90’s Movie Book Tag, which I took from erikabooksandstars. I’ve seen 8/10 of these movies in my life. Growing up mostly in the 00’s, I probably wasn’t old enough to watch majority of them, but I definitely dug into them during my teen years.

Hope you guys enjoy my responses, and see you Wednesday for another Writing Wednesday post!

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7.23 SOTD

Happy Sunday, everybody! Hope it’s not as gloomy where you are as it is for me. I love rain and I love petrichor, but the darker sky during daylight hours is making me so sleepy, I can barely function. See you later for today’s book tag. Here’s the song of the day.

FullSizeRender (1)

I totally forgot how much I love The Strokes until “Two Kinds of Happiness” came on shuffle yesterday. I never really listened to this particular album, but when this song popped up, I had a feeling it shouldn’t be skipped. I was right.

“Two Kinds of Happiness” has such a great rhythm and the song, itself is very The Strokes-esque. If you’ve ever listened to their first albums, which I’m sure a lot of people have in the 2000’s if they listened to alternative/indie music, then you know that The Strokes has such a distinct vibe and Julian Casablancas’ voice is unlike any other frontman’s.

I really like this song and I’m currently listening to it again as I type this. Hopefully you’ll give it a listen if you’re not familiar with The Stroke’s music.The first two lines of the song are really telling and something we should all keep in mind when we try to find our whoever. It’s definitely a great life motto go live by.

Happiness is two diff’rent things
What you take and then what you bring

A Brief Rant About Mental Illness

I’m sure as everyone knows by now, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park took his own life a couple days ago. I’m not gonna lie and say his music was a big part of my life, etc. because it wasn’t. I never really got into Linkin Park, but I appreciate and acknowledge what the band has done for the alternative scene and the music industry.

With that said, it’s ironic how some people can say that Chester was “selfish” or “cowardly” for committing suicide when he was such an influence to many people worldwide. It’s also ridiculous how some say that depression/anxiety is an aesthetic—a phase that only teenagers are allowed to go through because they’re supposed to be rebellious and emotional, as they’re still figuring out who they are.

Well, that’s complete BULLSHIT. Yes, Chester was a frontman for one of the biggest bands of the past decade, but his fame and status doesn’t exempt him from depression.

Let’s turn the tables here. What if it was me?

You guys probably noticed that I have been away for the past couple weeks. Why was that? Because I was struggling with my own demons and tried to take my own life.

I’ve struggled for years. Just like Chester, I never sought help until last week. Why? Because of the stigma.

There is so much negativity towards having a mental illness, that I didn’t want to expose myself when I desperately needed it. I didn’t want to be the weirdo who claims to have anxiety or depression when I’m in my 20’s because at this stage, I’m supposed to have everything together and just suck it up.

So I suppressed everything and bottled it up all throughout my college years. That KILLED ME inside. I distanced myself, I hurt myself, I barely ate and I couldn’t sleep well, I shut myself down whenever I was around people—especially my family.

While I was doing all of that, I was basically failing and the only solace I had was music and writing, things that are viewed as just “hobbies” to most. But I used music make friends and to a select few, I confided in them. I wrote as an alternative to hurting myself (I won’t say how I did it, but I’ll just say that I never cut) because creating stories took my mind off of life.

I tried so hard to consume myself in things that would make me happy, but I still wasn’t. I was alone because I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone anything. I was unhealthy because of my poor eating and sleeping habits. I was ultimately saying “fuck life. I’m done.” because I knew I couldn’t get my grades up to where they needed to be.

I am definitely not a rock star and Chester definitely wasn’t a struggling college student like me, but we both have one thing in common: our thoughts were harrowing and we both didn’t want to live.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is. You can have millions of fans and be financially stable, and you can still be unhappy with yourself. It’s not that difficult to pretend to be okay; I know that from experience. But it IS difficult to cope, especially when you’re trying to do it all by yourself.

Having depression and/or anxiety isn’t some teenage phase. They’re not some cute aesthetic to romanticize in books, TV, or movies. They’re serious issues that many people, myself included, struggle with on a daily basis. And there’s so much crap about it that we don’t often seek the help we need to get better. That’s why people drive themselves to such extremes.

This topic can’t be something people acknowledge each time someone famous dies, and it definitely shouldn’t be viewed as “taboo.” In order for people like me to be comfortable with being more open about our issues, the stigma needs to end. Suicide isn’t an act of cowardice, but an act of ending the struggle. People need to be more understanding and less judgmental or else it’ll never end.

Ok. Rant over.

7.22 SOTD

Happy Saturday, everybody. Hope you’re enjoying your day. Again, it’s gloomy here. Thunder and lightening, it’s getting very exciting, indeed! Rain is great and of course there’s the petrichor that comes after it, but the precipitation is getting ridiculous by now. SO. MUCH. RAIN! Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day.


You know you grew up in the 90’s when you know the film The Swan Princess. It was one of my favorite princess movies as a kid, and it’s still one of my favorite all time animated films. As a non-Disney film, it’s obviously underrated. Then again, all Don Bluth films are except Anastasia.

Anyways, “Far Longer Than Forever” is the theme to The Swan Princess. It’s the romantically beautiful duet between Odette and Derek and um, it was NOMINATED FOR A GOLDEN GLOBE in 1995 for Best Original Song. It was nominated for good reason too.

In the film, Odette and Derek pledge their love to each other while singing the song. Despite factors that separate them, they believe their love can overcome any barrier between them. Ah, so beautiful!

7.21 SOTD

It’s a very dark, somber Friday morning here. Oh, and it’s raining. Yeah, like we need more rain right now. Great for the flora, but we’ve had so much rain lately, it’s ridiculous! At least that means the temperature will cool down—not liking the humid, 90ºF temps we’ve been having this week.

I’ll be back later to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart, one that’s very serious. For now, here’s today’s song of the day.

FullSizeRender (2)

I thought it’d be super cliché to pick a Linkin Park song, but Sum 41’s “Pieces” is a good enough fit for the bill. I remember when this song was released and thinking it was one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard, and the music video does an amazing job telling the story, as Deryck is basically wandering around seeming lost and like he doesn’t belong.

I follow quite a handful of band members on Twitter and Insta—majority of what I listen to is alternative music, so definitely a number of bands—and everyone’s words just hit home. This verse from the song really triggered everything Chester’s death reminded me of:

This place is so empty
My thoughts are so tempting
I don’t know how it got so bad
Sometimes it’s so crazy that nothing could save me
But it’s the only thing that I have

Give this song a listen, reflect, have a cry. It’s okay.

7.20 SOTD

Hello everybody! It’s been quite a somber day in the world of music, as Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington, has committed suicide. I’ve read so many wonderful tweets from band members about his influence and the topic, and it hit home for me. I’m debating on writing a lil’ something tomorrow in lieu of my “Happy Things” post because it hasn’t been a very happy past week for me.

Anyways, enough somberness. Here’s today’s song of the day.

FullSizeRender (1)

Delta Goodrem’s cover of The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” is unreal. She strips it back to just a piano and her voice to expose the beauty of the song’s lyrics, which is heavily masked by the original flamboyance of crazy vocals and guitar riffs. Delta’s voice gives the song new life by bringing out its hauntingly romantic side. It’s simply STUNNING.

A fun fact: it’s her brother’s favorite song and she sang this version at his wedding.

You should definitely give this a listen. I promise Delta’s rendition will make you believe it isn’t the same song as the original. Sometimes when I listen to it, I can’t believe it. But that’s my two cents.


First day back, and chose a Wednesday. You guys know what that means. Welcome to another Writing Wednesday, everyone! Hope you’re all doing great. I’m so glad to be back.

Today’s excerpt is from the next Therapy for Souls chapter, and it’s something I just started writing a couple days ago. I just posted a new chapter yesterday and it kicked off the Afterlife section of the story, so Parisa is now dead.

What I’m sharing today is literally the beginning of where the story picks up. Parisa has just died and she is kinda working through her memories and trying to make sense of her thoughts and feelings to the situation. I hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll see you next time! xx

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